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Appraisal practice begun in 1986. Appraisals done by Elizabeth N. Gladwell, MALS, a generalist appraiser with advanced training and considerable knowledge in many areas, including furniture, silver, ceramics, glass, decorative accessories, and fine art. See her credentials.

Appraisals are done for many purposes, such as determining estate tax liability, insurance replacement, market value, and for IRS deductions for charitable donations. Ready access to network of specialists in many fields.

Elizabeth at Liquidation Event

Specializing in central Virginia estates, we have liquidated many of the finest in the area by tag sale and auction since 1991. Expertise to determine which method of liquidation—tag sale, or auction—best suits your needs. 

Same research methodology used in determining appropriate sale prices and proper advertising for your merchandise at tag sales as that used for appraisal services. Likewise, same research techniques used to ensure proper advertising of your merchandise sold at auction.

Tag sales done since 1991 with the same exceptionally professional and courteous staff.
Auctions done with the assistance of expert auctioneer, Joseph A. Pillow, VAAR 1844 since 1996.